Healthy diet advises for fatty liver

It is important to note the importance of facing diseases that lead to chronic hepatitis, which in turn may lead to liver fibrosis in the future.

After hepatitis C, which was a major cause of liver cirrhosis in Egypt, awareness should be taken to avoid hepatitis, first by planning a diet for anyone diagnosed with hepatitis. Depending on the cause of the fatty liver, such as obesity, weight gain, high blood lipids, alcohol or diabetes, diet determination depends on the following:


- Eat balanced food containing complex carbohydrates and proteins and unsaturated fats with the need to eat vegetables and fresh fruit and whole grains such as wheat, brown bread and brown rice with high proportion of plant fiber.


- Reduce the intake of sugars where the liver transform the excess of these sugars to fatty substances accumulate in more than one organ of the body, including the liver and arteries.


- Increase the intake of vegetables and fresh fruits (vegetables, green salad, carrots, beets, cabbage leaves, parsley, apples, pears, bananas) to protect the liver cells, including vitamins and antioxidants and dietary fiber natural fat absorption.


- Work to lose weight gradually and maintain it by keeping the exercise and reduce the intake of foods with high calories in large quantities with the alert to move away from the diet with rapid loss of weight loss because it increases the movement of fat to the liver and lead to the destruction of the liver.


Avoid foods high in HDL (such as brain, liver, kidney, animal fat, crustaceans,marine molluscs, red meat.

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