Steps to healthy fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of fasting and resting for the digestive system. Unfortunately, some people experience upset of the digestive system starting from after breakfast to suhoor. The problems of the digestive system in Ramadan is determined according to t
Have you ever experienced thirst in Ramadan before? Did you feel lethargy for most of the month? Did you feel bloating and indigestion? Have you gained excess weight during the month of Ramadan? .. We will provide the followers  through this article with various tips for healthy nutrition in Ramadan, in order to enjoy rituals of the holy month without suffering:
- We should not eat too much to avoid satiety at breakfast.
- Eat small meals between breakfast and suhur, such as nuts, fruits and dried fruits.
- Chew food well to avoid problems of digestion and do not rush during eating .
- Delay the suhoor meal to avoid early hunger or thirst during fasting.
- Drink plenty of fluids to compensate fluids loss during fasting and not to develop constipation.
- Avoid intake of sugars and salts in Suhoor because they lead to increased sense of thirst.
- Be keen to drink 2-3 liters of water in addition to other liquids to compensate the body fluids.
- Ensure eating vegetables and fresh fruits because they are rich in water, vitamins and fiber.
- Avoid the intake of fatty foods and fries because they lead to indigestion, especially with the low proportion of fluids in the body with fasting.
- Do not eat too much sugar after breakfast to avoid weight gain.
- Do not eat too much soda beverages during breakfast as it reduces the digestion efficiency.
- The emphasis to exercise any light physical activity, one hour after breakfast to activate the digestion process such as going to Taraweeh prayers or walking.
- Patience while starting breakfast, such as eating dates and juice to prepare the stomach after long hours of rest, then performing prayers and then wait for half an hour to start eating the basic meal without extravagance.
- Be sure of eating salad in order to supply the body with vitamins, minerals and fibers that help digestion.

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