Bleeding per rectum causes & treatments

There are some symptoms that cause great fear when they occur to patients. One of these symptoms is bleeding per rectum.

This symptom occurs due to several reasons and most of these causes are benign diseases, but it is important for the patient to seek the advice of a gastroenterologist physician in order to reach rapid diagnosis and treatment as some of these cases are not benign and in this case the rapid and proper diagnosis is of utmost importance for treatment and cure Insha'Allah.


The main causes of bleeding per rectum are:



-Colon cancer


-Bleeding angiodysplasias

Crohn's disease-

Ulcerative colitis

-Severe bleeding of the upper digestive system


When an patient with bleeding per rectum goes to a specialist, the doctor relies on several methods to reach the diagnosis quickly, where the accurate clinical history and clinical examination are the intials that consices the differential diagnosis in the doctor's mind. Then comes the use of the diagnostic tools starting from the request for the necessary laboratory tests; the most important is the complete blood picture and the tumor markers if necessary and then comes the colonoscopy that is necessary for the diagnosis of the cause of bleeding and the possibility of obtaining biopsies by the endoscope for the pathological diagnosis. Here comes the importance of colposcopy which is also important in the treatment of the cause in some cases, such as polypectomy, coagulation of bleeding dysplasias, and the closure of bleeding vessels using endoscopic clips (medical clamps used to close the source of bleeding). Diagnostic radiography comes as an important tool to complete the overview of the general condition and to determine the treatment plan, such as ultrasound, CT scan and sometimes isotopic scanning if necessary.


The doctor determines the necessary treatment after the diagnosis either at the time of the endoscopy as mentioned above or after completion of the steps of diagnosis mentioned above and then the treatment is either medical in cases such as ulcerative colitis or by referring the case to a surgeon in cases such as hemorrhoids or it can be multidisciplinary including the oncologist and surgeon in cases malignant tumors.


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