Relation between myocarial infarction & frequent vomiting

One of the most serious causes of frequent vomiting is myocardial infarction

In this case, the patient comes to the gastroenterologist to quickly diagnose the cause of the attack and treat it. The following is the management of this case.

The diagnosis of a heart attack that causes a persistent vomiting attack depends primarily on the clinical sense of the gastroenterologist after analyzing the patient's history and observing the patient's expressions and general condition and clinical examination, as the rapid diagnosis of this condition may save the patient's life and avoid serious complications due later weakness in the efficiency of the heart muscle if the infarction is not treated quickly.

Once a clot is suspected in the heart causing vomiting and abdominal pain, an ECG, myocardial enzyme screening and echocardiography should be made.

After diagnosing the condition, the cardiologist should give the patient thrombolytic agent and perform urgent cardiac catheterization with the stent deployment to relieve the blockage of the coronary arteries and the possibility of the patient's quick referral to heart surgery.

In this type of case, it is important for the gastroenterologist to be aware of uncommon and serious causes of vomiting episodes and to know the treatment of such multidisciplinary cases where the gastroenterologist, ER, cardiology, cardiac surgery and intensive care disciplinaries should share in rapid and efficient management to save the patient. In a later article, we will review another reason for the persistent vomiting episodes due to extra gastric disease and we wish our patients further knowledge and wellness.

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