Persistent vomiting due to cardiac infarction

I have previously talked in many articles about the causes of continuous vomiting and abdominal pain caused by causes other than those related to the stomach

, we will mention in this article one of the most serious of these reasons to increase the awareness and caution, especially after the death of a young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, may God have mercy on him due to this reason which is severe circulatory insufficiency (possibly caused due to myocardial infarction), Witnesses reported that he had experienced severe vomiting, so they advised him to get medications from the pharmacy, may God avoid us these emergencies and serious. What are the symptoms and how to deal with these symptoms immediately? The most important causes of myocardial infarction: - The presence of a family history of ischemic heart disease. - Dyslipidemia. - Obesity. -Diabetes. -Hypothyroidsm. -Hypertension. -Violent and sudden physical exertion. - Severe dehydration. - Severe emotional stress. What are the main symptoms of myocardial infarction? -Chest pain. -Shoulder pain, especially the left shoulder. -Pain in the left hand. -Pain in the lower jaw and neck. - Stomachache and persistent vomiting. If the patient feels one of these symptoms suddenly, he should go to the nearest hospital to do the necessary tests and exclude the presence of a myocardial infarction or coronary insufficiency. The diagnosis of a myocardial infarction depends on: -Clinical examination. -ECG. -Analysis of cardiac enzymes. -Analysis of markers of infarction. -Diagnostic cardiac catheterization How to treat a myocardial infarction? -Thrombolytic intravenous therapy (if the infarction was diagnosed within a certain period of time). -Urgent therapeutic cardiac catheterization and insertion of one or more stents Place within the infarcted coronary arteries. -Urgent open heart surgery. We wish our followers and everyone everlasting health and wellness.

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