Is Corona virus transmitted through the digestive system؟

Corona virus relationship with the digestive system
It is important during this period to increase knowledge about the new Corona virus, and in this matter we look at its relationship to the digestive system.
A Chinese research team jointly with experts from Renmin Hospital and the Wuhan Institute of Virology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the largest research institute in natural sciences in China, has revealed a surprise about the spread of the new Corona virus infection and how it is transmitted to humans . Where scientists discovered that the virus is not only transmitted by droplets caused by sneezing and coughing, but also by the digestive system.
And the research team clarified that they discovered that the virus is spread more by means of "chemically untreated" residues in a specific way. The experts also pointed out that those infected with the virus and who were unable to get rid of their waste directly other than using ordinary sanitation, or washing their hands after eliminating their needs in a sterile chemical manner, could be the cause of spreading the infection if communicating with anyone who is not infected with the virus. It was also noted that the initial symptoms of a large number of people infected with the virus was only "diarrhea" instead of fever, and it was indicated that this was the most common occurrence in the center of the spread of the virus in Wuhan, which contributed to its further spread.
So we must wash hands well after entering the bathroom and before eating and eating less outside the home as much as possible.
May Allah protect us all from these evil diseases and protect our beloved Egypt.

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