Food boost your immune system against COVID 19

In the time of the spread of the global pandemic caused by Corona virus (Covid 19), here are some nutritional advice to boost your immune system

In the time of the spread of the global pandemic disease caused by the terrifying Corona virus (Covid 19), and in front of this  complicated situation in terms of its rapid spread and the number of people infected and deaths globally and resorting to staying at home for long times to be isolated as much as possible from infection with the virus, we offer our valuable followers a set of precious, healthy and nutritious advices at this difficult time of humanity.
It is wise to try to follow proper nutritional methods to be protected against the symptoms of the virus, as many people tend to buy and eat large amounts of food, believing that they will strengthen their immune system and give them additional protection, especially in the absence of a preventive vaccine against the virus.
First we advise you to be careful not to eat foods that have high calories to avoid obesity that increases the risk of infection and complications of the virus. Rather you should eat foods that benefit the body that is rich in substances and important vitamins at this difficult time, as an unhealthy diet such as lots of bread, rice, pasta, pastries and sweets damage the body and increase the possibility of harm from the virus.
In this regard, we recommend to take one spoon of honey with a cup of watter before breakfast .Eating balanced daily amounts of beets, potatoes, carrots ,colored peppers ang ginger. It is also advised to have beans and legumes at home besides onions and garlic, knowing that this recipe leads to exacerbation of the irritable bowel, but it’s symptoms can be avoided by drinking too much water and performing the necessary exercises at home from time to time. Also, don't forget to eat milk with oats, corn, and dried fruits such as figs, apricots, raisins, and berries.
It is also important to focus on foods rich in vitamin C and iron such as citrus fruits, apples and pomegranate. It is also advised to take a daily requirement of vitamin D.
Other foods rich in antioxidants are turmeric, avocado and fresh berries. Attention must also be paid to eating foods rich in zinc, such as fish, shellfish, nuts, spinach, eggplant, and green tea, with attention to eating foods that contain probiotics (which are beneficial bacteria for the body) such as yogurt and yoghurt milk or receiving probiotics in the form of drug tablets.

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