The correlation between the psychological state & IBS

It is important to mention the need to rely on psychotherapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome due to its importance, and being a cornerstone of treatment for patients who have previous history suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or depressi

For example, some adjustments should be made to improve the psychological state, such as avoiding weight gain, practicing the minimum amount of physical excersize , scheduling the number of hours of sleep and it’s quality, in other words reaching the stage of deep sleep for a sufficient number of hours, in addition to introducing some medications for depression and stress, such as tricyclic antidepressants, which also control the activity of neurons that feed bowel motility and thus affect pain relief, in addition to some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs, which helps in treating depression associated with pain and constipation.
It is very important to emphasize that it is absolutely not recommended to receive such treatments without the recommendation of a specialized doctor, whether a gastroenterologist or a psychiatrist.
What has been clearly observed in the years of our practice of treating irritable bowel syndrome is that the colonoscopy procedure leads to great stability in the condition and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome later on and this is because the patient and the doctor together become sure enough that there are no organic diseases in the colon that lead to the IBS symptoms within the patient and ascertaining that these symptoms are collectively due to functional disorder in the patient’s bowel due to psychological disorder.

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