Causes of chronic constipation

Many of us complain from chronic constipation, and do not know what its causes are, and they will take laxatives as a temporary solution

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Persistent vomiting due to cardiac infarction

I have previously talked in many articles about the causes of continuous vomiting and abdominal pain caused by causes other than those related to the stomach

Analgesics side effects

The use of analgesics by mouth, injection, or topical is often an important cause of gastritis, gastric, duodenal or esophageal ulcer.

Almasry specialized hospital clinic

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Association between cholecystitis and irritable bowel syndrome

. There is an important question about the possibility of cholecystitis accompanied with irritable bowel syndrome

Relation between myocarial infarction & frequent vomiting

One of the most serious causes of frequent vomiting is myocardial infarction

Intestinal obstruction

One of the causes of persistent vomiting attack as a result of intestinal obstruction

Bleeding per rectum causes & treatments

There are some symptoms that cause great fear when they occur to patients. One of these symptoms is bleeding per rectum.

The relation between persistant cough & GERD

Some people suffer from chest allergies, pneumonia and recurrent bronchitis, which does not improve for long periods

Microbiom imbalance and its symptoms

More than 300 to 500 different species of beneficial bacteria live in the human intestines

What are the bad effects of heavy suhur meals and what are the alternatives?

In the beginning, we should know that many people who are used to eating large amounts of food in Suhur may not do so out of extravagance in the first place.

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