Corona & Gastroentestinal symptoms

Many of the efforts that doctors make during this period are aimed at treating the negative effects on various body systems after recovering from COVID infection .The most affected systems are the digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system an

Corona virus relationship to chronic liver disease

We have noticed during this period, chronic hepatitis patients' anxiety about the increased risk of infection with the Corona virus

Effects of fasting on human health

We are pleased during the holy month of Ramadan to be exposed to some of the effects of fasting on human health.

Food boost your immune system against COVID 19

In the time of the spread of the global pandemic caused by Corona virus (Covid 19), here are some nutritional advice to boost your immune system

Is Corona virus transmitted through the digestive system؟

Corona virus relationship with the digestive system

Causes of chronic constipation

Many of us complain from chronic constipation, and do not know what its causes are, and they will take laxatives as a temporary solution

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Persistent vomiting due to cardiac infarction

I have previously talked in many articles about the causes of continuous vomiting and abdominal pain caused by causes other than those related to the stomach

Analgesics side effects

The use of analgesics by mouth, injection, or topical is often an important cause of gastritis, gastric, duodenal or esophageal ulcer.

Almasry specialized hospital clinic

We are glad to welcome you to our clinic in Almasry specialized hospital

Association between cholecystitis and irritable bowel syndrome

. There is an important question about the possibility of cholecystitis accompanied with irritable bowel syndrome

Relation between myocarial infarction & frequent vomiting

One of the most serious causes of frequent vomiting is myocardial infarction

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